Space Art ("Nothing Matters")

The Universe is so grand, that i believe nothing is unique. In a spiral galaxy, there are
several hundred billions stars. Many of them have planets orbiting around them, and chances are high that we arent the only intelligent life from existing. Lives arise and and fade away, leaving small echoes in time, that will fade too, sooner or later

Also this painting was intended as a print, but i foolishly set the dpi to 72, so it is useless. So i’ll have to start all over again with my galactic collision theme.

Please note that this image is copyrighted, as all my work. Ripping it is illegal.

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In that case; I think you should sue our galaxy. And anyone attempting to picture it.

Good point :wink:

It´s a nice pic NoOb

hmm… I have a question, how do we know those intellegint life forms aren’t communicating with us right now? Perhaps about half the forum is really in another galaxy and hacking into our internet :a:

edit; oh didn’t realize we were supposed to critique :P, it’s a very impressive image, I like the title