Spaces w/in Dynamic Text Boxes

I’m trying to use a dynamic text box with a side slider ad a headlines area. There will be text that expands past the height of the actual txt box.

When I past my text in there and hit return to space out the individual headlines these spaces don’t show up when I preview the movie.

Is there a special trick to formatting text within a dynamic text box so it appears or is formatted the specific way I want??

Side note: I tried to call an external .txt file that had HTML formatting within it and load it into my dynamic text box but the html didn’t come through even after I selected the ‘render as html’ option.

Does anyone have a good tute they can reference me to. I tried doing the one within Kirupa but it didn’t talk too much about importing external text files with HTML formatting.

Any help/assistance is always GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks ladies/gents!