Spammer and trolls are invading.. aaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh


just trying to lighten the mood.

lol…and I had my ban users page open in another IE window :frowning:

I think the spammers are amongst those that live in the thieves forest. Whats your thawts?


All their thread should be thrown into the land of Null where there will be great misery and gnashing of teeth.

Form a brute squad of course

Hey, did you know that Morganstein is just a pen name? He never existed. (this might surprise you, but I bought the fake, hook line and sinker)

Again, with the princess bride stuff…wow…

'Come my love, I’ll tell you a story; About a man and his true love, How he loved her all sooo much, that when he looked in her eyes he became obsessed.

Thats another amazing aspect of the Princess Bride is the background music and there is no other way to describe it, than perfect. And it just tops off the movie when it ends and for the first time hear that songs words…Gives me goose pimples…That music was wonderphull, wasn’t it? Don’t tell Pom it gave me goosebumps though… :open_mouth: