How about a "Smiley Test" section, Kirupa?

otherwise, looks like too many posts will be ‘poluated’ by this stuff…guys like Phil trying for pages to find out how they’re done, you know…hehe

btw, this is what will happen to you if you ever find out about how these are done! :

(hint: use Google…)

You know that song by FORIEGNER??? Listen pal, your as cold as ICE. But Upuaut edited those posts just in the nick of time. The pomster has risen from his fluffy grave.


hint “use google”

does no one here understand the nature of HTML and the browser??? I’m surprised at you Eyez… I guess you can’t be my hero any more.

your GIVING hints. HELLO! Stop it now. Iceberg is presently tormenting me anyways. Boy, I tell ya this is a tough crowd…


Hehe! There is a Test Forum in my site. You can all test your footers, smileys, animations embedded in posts, etc. there. I guess I should also create a page outlining how to use emoticons and such…it would make it a lot simpler for all of us!

Upu, of course i know 'bout html and such, that was just intended as a means of finding sources for what you’re talking about…too many hints already…
Kirupa, maybe you’ll want to move this to “random”?!

oh ok… me bad… I’m sorry for underestimating you eyez. I shoulda known better.

I’ll shut up now.

It’s about time Upuaut, Doh!
No more hinting, or as they said in the Princess Bride, No more rhyming!


anybody want a peanut?

Hell, I’d make a whole forum devoted to the Princess bride. It is in my top 5 list. Possibly number one.

He probably means no HARM…
I will tell you this, all I needed to know in life, I learned phrom the Princess Bride. My absolute phavorite movie of all time. Everything we need is right there from the cliffs of insanity to the pit of despair. Talk about a movie laced with analogies that are fitting for life.

pj (still in search of my Princess Bride)

“I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using.”

very important line… I use it all the time.

Nice movie, true, especially the Willy DeVille song, but my own favorite is “5th element”: big badaboom!

Since we are talking about movies one of my favorites is “The three Amigos”
“You sons of a motherless goat”
“how can you tell that it was a mail plane”


OK, now how can the 5th element be your favorite movie, Eyez ?
The Princess Bride, much better choice, Phil. No watching that movie would be… unconceivable.

But the all-time best movie, hands down, is The Goodfellas. Gotta see this. Amazing, really.

[:cool: ]
pom, who finally got that recurrent hints.

You keep using that word, and I do not think it mean precisely what you think it means.

and to Uppy,
Faster, faster, he’s gaining on us, what am I paying you for anyway? Faster or I will just have to find myself a new giant.