Sparetime? what is that?


Do you ever have these kind of situations? I mean, one moment you have some sparetime left to do some designing (and by at kirupa for example) but the very next moment you’re stuck up to your neck with work, things to do besides designing so you have absolutly NO sparetime left.
It’s like you’re in the ocean and you only can see is water: so you have to swim all the time.
It’s like you’re a turned-on-vacuumcleaner in a very dusty house.

Every had that feeling?

Well, I’m having it right now,
I’m having this since the beginning of september. This is so insane.
My fuel at the moment is coffee, tons of it. I hope this will stop…

Cheers, ciao, au revoir, bye, groetjes, auf wiedersehn, jassoe,
Hope to back soon because I want to design in flash again.