(Speed)solving Rubik's Cube, anyone?


Just making my way back to the game after couple of years.
And with game I mean (x)html, css, flash, php, sql and stuff, not the cube.

Just for the record, there’s lot’s of geeks here right? So there should be at least couple that can solve the Cube at mediocre times, yeah? If so, be pleased to share it with us :jailbreak

With a quick search I saw a statement of .harish doing it around 30 seconds. :hr: Haha! Beat you pal, I manage to do it in about 22 seconds.

[SIZE=1](And yeah, I was talking about the 3x3 all the time.)[/SIZE]

If someone’s collecting these lovely [twisty puzzles please let me know, 'cause I recently got into that ^^ just got my [URL=“http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pid=1102”]logi-vip]