Spinning bloxs

i was wondering how u make spinning cubes and other stuff like that spinning i mean just thought b4 it would be cool how do u do it so it looks 3d and all that\r\r\r-Tom

With Swift 3d I guess.\r\rpom 0]

yeah spose but that takes ages to render and i cant be arsed waitin is there a quicker way

Ages ? Try and buid an engine, and then you’ll understand what ages means…\r\rpom 0]

you can use 3D Max…its what I use and it looks hella much better but rendering take a @#%$ load longer!

you can use action script to create a spinning cube. It is not however filled in. It’s a transparent item.\r\rI’m not prepared to relate how to accomplish this task however, as I don’t even understand it yet. Perhaps Supra could.

using 3dsmax with swift3d plugin is faster than swift alone :mad: o

some us may have swift and 3ds, but not the 3dsplugin for Swift\r\r[email protected]