Splash page critique?

This should be my splash page, what do you guys think?

Does it have to be black and white? And that font is terrible. Once again I am forced to link to www.dafont.com. Loads of free fonts. Check it out. Also for the splash page of a site called emptyness it looks a bit ‘full’. I reccomend opening Photoshop (if you have it) and rendering some clouds and playing with filters to get a cool ‘empty’ background. Then use one of your great new dafont fonts for the text.

I agree, you could use colors, at least some gray…
You should change the font, and try to keep it simple.
I liked the ideea with squares… Keep on working!

yes i agree with flash gordon lit bit more work and u will get there.


smaller is better, make your lines thinner, and more elegant. change the background color to black to it “blends in”. And lastly center it. Other than that, it looks like a good start!

Keep it up!