Sprites lose there quality when saved

Up to now ive always drawn my own images in flash so ive never had to use sprites before, but now im trying to make a small rpgish game and to my dismay i find that when i import the images into the stage, the quality of the images is terrible. Ive tryed saving the images as differant files using macromedia fireworks MX, and photoshop and unless i save the files as a photoshop file they lose quality, but flash wont alow for importing photoshop files :S
how do other people get nice crisp sprites?

oh and also a friend of mine told me that if you draw all your images it will make the game. are there any other ways to make images good quality and yet not slow down the computer?

i am working on a similar project, and i scale all of my images to 200% on nearest neighbor setting in photoshop then save as png before importing them, then i just made the flash stage double the size. but i am kind of going for the super-pixelated thing, idk if you are going for that or not.

also _quality=“best” is really the only quality mode that it looks good on, and it looks better if you resize the window to a different size than your stage so it is forced to anti-alias a little.

here is a link to a mini-game i did testing this technique a while ago so you can see what it looks like before you start http://www.kthxplz.info/get-a-haircut-emo-kid.swf

good luck.

wow i actualy realy like the game, i was especualy impressed with the mirror, but i dont like the graphics :stuck_out_tongue: its good for what your doing but i want some more intracate sprites for my game. I uploaded an example of one of my sprite sheets in this post if you wanna see what im going for :stuck_out_tongue:

omg i love your sprites, can you post a screen capture of what they look like after you import them maybe? mine was so pixelated because the stage was small, so the double sizing might still help if you make your stage bigger than 640x480.

haha thanks tapioca but there not realy my sprites, i got them from this awesome sprite makeing website: http://charas-project.net/charas2/index.php

and what do you mean by makeing my stage bigger than 640x480? like in flash or photoshop? and what if i dont want my stage to be that big? xD

haha, like, you make all the sprites double size in photoshop, then you make your stage double size in flash, so it works out to the same size but it has half the fuzziness. sorry if i am not very clear. -_-;

but what if you dont want the stage to be so big? o.O then what do you do?

aah this is confusing. lemme think of a better way to explain it.

  1. double the size of the bitmaps in photoshop to keep flash from fuzzing out the edges
  2. double the size of the stage to match the bitmaps which are now bigger
  3. halve the size of the window it is displayed in when you publish to put it back to a normal size

i’ve been leaving out the third step. -_-;

as far as i can tell the size of the stage doesn’t actually affect speed, just the size of the window it’s displayed in, and you can set that when you go to export.

uhhh, haha, yeah. anyway, if that is too confusing than you should probably ask someone else, i am pretty sure there is easier ways to improve graphics quality.

oh i think i get it :smiley: thanks man

nvm i dont get it ;_; oh btw i thought would it work better to bring the images in using XML? that way flash wouldnt change the file around when its being imported

idk, i dun think flash changes the file around. but it anti-aliases it while it’s drawing. can you maybe take a screencap of it after it’s been changed, or post an swf?

heres the swf. Press the DOWN button to go to the animation, lol i am only worrying about the down animation for the moment untill i can solve the problem