SSH Command Help?

I’m working on installing vPopMail on CentOS for use with a Qmail / Courier-IMAP mail-server setup. So far, everything is working out well enough. Mail sent to any virtual user I have setup under any virtual domain (assuming MX records are pointed correctly in the domain DNS) I add to vPopMail is routed correctly to the vPopMail ./Maildir/ and is viewable in /home/vpopmail/domains/

(For those of you thinking “wtf is he doing?”, I’m getting vPopMail running in order to allow direct mail-server user management through PHP, so I can setup virtual mail accounts to users of my website(s) automatically during user registration… for instance, a user registers for with the user name lbiffin, I tell vPopMail via it’s PHP extension to setup a mail user [email protected], which he can then use to send and receive email. I’ll be hooking into the pop server to provide a web-mail interface, but I also need to enable external pop3 access.)

Problem I’m having now is telling the pop service to authenticate using vPopMail instead of the standard Qmail / Courier-IMAP authentication methods (so users can get their mail externally, and so I can access user mail via the web-mail interface of the app all of this trouble is about… ;)).

“You also need to modify your pop server startup line to use the vchkpw program for authentication.” (found at is all I can find in any documentation to even give me the clue that that needs to be done… No clue how to do that though…

So, my question: wtf?

lol… in all seriousness, that’s where I’m at. What are your suggestions to get it moving forward. Where do I “modify [my] pop server startup line to use the vchkpw program for authentication”?

(P.S. I do know the location of the vchkpw program… no idea where anything else is though…)