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:triangular_flag_on_post: EDIT: 4 days later and It’s now gone, updated below. :triangular_flag_on_post:

Hey K-ville folks,

So I have been wondering what is gonna happen to the Stack Overflow Documentation ? They declared it’s no longer going to be contributed to or edited. But in reading the page and comments about its demise, I can’t really make heads or tales what happens to the overall resource, anyone know?

Does anyone here peruse the documentation at Stack Overflow? Do you like it, not like it? I mean sure there are some conflicts and issues, but overall its a pretty good collection nuggets. But again what will happen to it?

I mean for instance:

Javascript - 106 Topics:

NodeJS - 111 Topics:


Just two examples of a lot of content, and some good nuggets of shared knowledge in there. I scrape the internet pretty hard and dumpster dive, google drive by search etc., wherever I can to learn and gain nuggets of knowledge and insight, sometimes to dizzying effect.

So what say you, do you like the Stack Overflow Docs ? Or understand what will come of it ?

PS: Anyone have any contributions within it ? :thinking: @senocular, @krilnon, etc., the usual suspects. :nerd_face:

I think it’s all licensed under Creative Commons (CC2-Attr-ShareAlike) like the other written content on Stack Overflow. So someone could copy and archive it elsewhere. It’s probably on already.

None there, but I’m doing some cool :write: elsewhere!

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Stack overflow has documentation?

I suspect much of it will become quickly dated if they leave it present, given its officially ceased and wont be updated. That’s true, I guess for prosperity sake it can always be had via archive. :card_file_box:

Thanks for responding @krilnon & @senocular .

Does it mean this content can be copied and archived anywhere with attribution? Wonder if it would make sense to host them here since documentation is sort of what this site does? :stuck_out_tongue:

@senocular , I don’t believe ya. :grinning:


There is certainly some good information there, depending on topic.

How would you achieve archiving it though, there are millions of links leading every which way. I would be interested to know how you would dump it efficiently.

They mention MIT so you should be golden being an esteemed Alumni :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wouldn’t do a straight-up copy. Instead, I would create something like a “bite-sized” content section where relevant information is provided without the beginner-friendly context that the tutorials on this site try to provide :slight_smile:

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Oh ok. I just wondered, because I tried and its a pretty convoluted download when attempting. :crazy_face:

Actually I just came across some further info:

^ talk of Attribution in this one, and active as of yesterday.

WOW. :flushed: :hushed:

Well that was quick, 4 days later and its now gone.

Amazing they just ceased it like that and removed it altogether. :rage: :-1:

As slow as it is, it still works here:*/

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Based on the attribution information details, I think it is totally feasible for some of the relevant JS content to live on this site. Am I reading it correctly?

I’ve never played a lawyer on TV, but I think I would concur.

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I managed to catch the plague last week, but I will try to get one article from the archive posted! Let us see how it goes :slight_smile:

The plague? That’s disconcerting…

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Wow, catches the plague and still writes articles. I’m impressed. :mask:

Yeah! I was in Vegas last week to accompany my wife who was presenting at a conference, and I managed to catch something in the airport on the way there itself. Still not fully recovered yet :doughnut:

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I just answered a question on SO this morning and got Privileges > Documentation Votes!

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Nice! I’m sure that “privilege” will be a source of joy and rewards for many years to come.

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Yeah, still need to figure out what this Documentation thing is about…

I wonder why that would be since Documentation has been shutdown and removed? Tagging posts for future iterations perhaps?