StackOverflow 2017 Results!

All I can say is that it’s good to be interested in web technologies :stuck_out_tongue:

What interests me is the percent of people having more than 20 years experience is the largest, which is cool.

That really blew my mind but I suppose it explains why so many people on Stackoverflow are so knowledgeable and experienced. Also what really blew my mind is that 1% of respondents were blind. Amazing.

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The 20 years of experience number surprised me as well! I think that is great to see given that some of us here will be hitting that mark soon (if we haven’t already haha) :older_man: :older_woman:

Some good Data.

  • Would of liked to see # of hours worked a week on average.
  • I was saddened by the continued low % of females.
  • Funny that VB flavors made 3 of the top 4 dreaded languages.
  • A bit surprised Brackets didn’t make the list, Atom by contrast did pretty well.
  • Rather shocked Freelances are so low?

I was surprised by the blindness statistic as well. According to the WHO, about 0.5% of the species is blind, so I guess it seems reasonable (though even that seems high in my unscientific experience). Hard to imagine a programmer without sight.

Once you meet someone using a screen reader or learn about the tools they use, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine anymore. Check out things like VoiceOver, WebAnywhere (something I worked on), or this article that talks about how people were excited for accessibility in Swift Playgrounds.

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Until you see/hear it in action. Proper accessibility is laughable in most of the internet. At least if you have a blind developer working for you, your own accessibility should be up to scratch.