Staind Cd Released Today!

For any of you STAIND fans-

Their new CD 14 Shaeds of Grey released today.

Its pretty good. more like break the cycle then dysfunction but still really really really good.

Another good band from Massachusetts making it big!

:beam: thanks for the info didnt know they were releasing a new CD, awesome

Rere was kind enough to leave a copy of the new album in my car over lunch.

Making up for all the beers I bought her at the Staind show last wed. :slight_smile:

I only made it up to Layne (trk7 of 14). What an incredible tribute to Lanyne. I dint know that Aarons daughter was born the same day he died. You were right about it having the same emotional feel as break the cycle. But emotions are what Staind convey best.

But I guess Aaron has nothing to scream and flip out over anymore. His life certainly turend around since they got out of the local scene in Worchester.

(and stopped pumping gallons of H into his veins)

I heard him perform Zoe Jane in the accoustic show. Beautiful. Every father should write a song like that.

Thanks again re, that was huge. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

so its good then it came out yesterday in the uk so i was contemplating buying it but only after ive got less than jakes new 1 which was out yesterday to but my record store had neither in store as they suck oh well im goin to see jake on saturday anyway haha i rule

i didnt even know that they had a new cd out.

Is it any good?:???:slight_smile:

i donno if i will get this. i havent really liked them lately. buti think its cool that they came from Springfield (like 10 minz away from my house) and are making it big

i’ll be going to best buy today definately. i LOVE staind.

its good, not as hard as dysfunction but really good. They did four of the new songs at the acoustic set I saw them at last week and they were wicked good.

i liked break the cycle more than dysfunction. they sounded more refined but i’m excited to hear the new album too.

I liked both but really loved Dysfunction. It is harder. A cd like Break the Cycle definetly sells more records though!!! More people like it.

I was going through some strange times when the Dysfunction album came out. For some reason it helped me through.

I know that sounds incredibly immature, but its the truth. I have always had a tough time with emotions.

I identify very well with thier music. Almost evey one of thier songs seems like it was written about my own experiences…

i don’t know. dysfunction was too angsty for my taste. i’m a really positive person and don’t have too many problems with emotions. ask whippersnapper, i used to cry often.

Not to mention Dysfunction is the nuts to mosh too!.

Being really into a band that is hard as nails for some reason invokes the urge to punch the people around you. Friend or stranger.

Lets not even get into Pantera.

or slayer. holy ****.

Its just a really good disk to listen to when you have had a bad day, or a really good day or some pent up frustration!

*Originally posted by fester8542 *
**Not to mention Dysfunction is the nuts to mosh too!.

Fester, it is just not cool…when you start to mosh to Staind with someone sitting on your shoulders


ha ha. somehow i always end up getting stuck in a mosh pit.

You should have known to jump off my shoulders when the hole opened up.

Plus it was suffocate…


What about the time I accidenty punched holly in the grill thinking she was a guy and laid her out…that was bad.

that was at tool though…

And for the Deftones!!! Plus I weighed like 110…I flew pretty far!

too funny