Staind Cd Released Today!

hahaha, just how big is fester?

At least you went down for the deftones by yourself… You jsut left my clothes a few feeet away!!! Liar!!!


Not the biggest person in the world like he someday plans to be but pretty **** big about 235 pretty much all muscle.

Lets put it this way, his biceps are like 18 inches around. He barely fits into XL shirts because as soon as they are washed once they dont fit his chest and arms anymore…

Arnold Schwarzenegger is his idol!!! He is a gym monkey! And he is has done it all on his own…



Thanx, Im getting dapps on a message board!

No roids…just protien and creatine…

Dont get too excited it is only me!!! You know I think you suck
i’m j/k so your, close but not quite the biggest. Ronnie still has you beat and Arnold!!!

keep it to protein and creatine! will ya
(I think this is my 50th post!!!)

Depends if my lifting partner decides to juice…

I dont want to but I dont want to be left in the dust.

you already know my thoughts (idiot!!! dummy!!!)

you wont be left behind when he is in jail for some roid rage fight!!!

I bet Johhny Bravo never juiced…

plus roids can lead to heart troubbl3! this life ed stuff is getting to me!

Deftones Staind and Slipknot are some of my favorite bands Korn is like my favorite band but theyre going in the wrong direction lately :frowning: but staind is great i still think dysfunction is their best cd though


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**KORN!!! **

Big Fan

Disturbed-Even bigger fan! :evil:

and ofcourse todays topic of conversation-Staind

I think I just like most hard rock–not as crazy as fester, like pantera (excepts 5 minutes alone and a few others!) and other death metal.

conclusion: i just ilke good music, no matter were it comes from;)

HEHEHEHE other great bands i love System of A Down, Marylin Manson, Disturbed, Coal Chamber and Tool :beam:

I like everything from slayer to garth brooks.

I am definitely more geared toward metal, but I like anyting that sounds good

Disturbed rules. I am still absorbing BELIEVE, but thier first disk is such a good album

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**I like everything from slayer to garth brooks.

I am definitely more geared toward metal, but I like anyting that sounds good… **

finally someone like me! =)~!

Both Fester and I are like you mdipi, doesnt matter what type it is as long as it sounds good to me. I like it!

im somewhat dissapointed with the new staind cd its too mellow for me so i just put in dysfunction and listened to Raw a few times to get over the new cd beign so mellow but it is good, its just too mellow for me :-\

yea, its really good but like I said more like break the cycle then dysfunction!

ugh i can’t stand disturbed. i had the misfortune of seeing them at ozzfest. so friggin stupid.

thats too bad…i love them

Disturbed is okay i like a few of there songs but some of them are like wacky and make me laugh like down with the sickness wtf he thinks hes a monkey??? rotflmao woo a a a a