Standard ComboBox Component Problems/Bug CS4 AS3

Here’s the situation/problem I am having.

I have a couple of pages where I am utilizing the standard ComboBox component in Flash CS4 and am publishing to Flash Player 9. I am populating all combo boxes via AS3 dynamically with a standard for loop (Arrays of objects basically).

Anywho, when I run the site in a browser with Flash Player 10 installed everything works GREAT. HOWEVER, when I run it in a browser with Flash Player 9 the combo boxes do not appear visually on the screen. I have noticed if I tab through the form and hit the combo boxes they do gain focus and if I hit the spacebar I can make a selection (when space is hit all the options show up text wise too???). But I am unable to click on them whatsoever as they do not show up visually as mentioned.

Things I have tried:

  • Dragging new instances of each ComboBox onto the stage and naming them identical instance names.
  • Dynamically Creating the Combo Boxes via AS3.
  • Dragging a bunch of other combo boxes onto the stage just to see if it was my instance names or just the ones linked to code failing.
  • Dragging another combobox from the components dialog into the library and telling Flash to replace the instance of it there.

All render the same result.

Here’s some more info, these Combo Boxes are contained within a MovieClip, in a swf which is loaded within another swf.
Basically we have the main html page and main Swf which is a navigation menu for the site, and all other pages are loaded into that main swf and displayed appropriately.

Anyone else seen this? If so any solutions? I just do not want to create my own custom ComboBox if I can avoid it with a deadline looming.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS I’m not a newbie to Flash or CS4 or AS3 this is just something that I’ve never seen happend…EVER.