Dependent Combo Box Woes

Hello Fello AS Gurus,
I encounter this problem on using a dependable combo box component within flash cs3. Below is a sample file that I got from the internet, its using flash mx and publish as flash player 6. Somehow this works when publish with FlashPlayer 6 but not when its any version higher.
Pls assess the AS below:

// Combobox 1 is named main_cb
// Combobox 2 is named sub_cb

carArray = new Array(“Chrysler”,“Porche”,“Mazda”,“Toyota”);
foodArray = new Array(“Hamburger”,“Hotdog”,“Pizza”);
drinkArray = new Array(“Water”,“Beer”,“Wine”,“Martini”);

function setSubCombo() {
var subArray = eval(main_cb.getSelectedItem().data);
for(var i=0; i<subArray.length; i++) {

Along with the above AS, I’ve also attached the .fla file for your troubleshooting Hope this helps further

Pls help!!!
Appreciate it!