Star-Gate-film and Design V3 site Check<>

ok there neeed still alot of work so keep that in mind
like with likes and such

yes i know bout the text being fuzzy and small



A.) what you like

B.) what nneeds to change…

also im not sure what to put at the top… (dark blue)

i have a music player on the left but they wont allow any file over 1MB so its not there but what else???like with the middle and right side???

anyways be honest


not much to look on really.

site is ok, site name isn’t - sounds cheap.

ehh… im not really diggin it.

  1. the font is completely illegible on 1280 x 1024.
  2. ditch the spinning cubes before i have a seizure.
  3. not to much there… some buttons, illegible font, the two faces, and some empty blue bars… maybe put the name or something in the giant empty one at the top…
  4. im not sure the colors go too well…

the font is hard to read and the site is a little dol, maybe you could something to it or change the colors, but it looks good.

ICED T:cap:

*Originally posted by MrG *
**site is ok, site name isn’t - sounds cheap. **

Please be slightly nicer in your site checks, thanks

lol he could have been meaner

anyways thanks for the comments

*Originally posted by t3h t3rminator *
**Please be slightly nicer in your site checks, thanks **


leave it up to the mods, okay?

no reason to get your nose in somewhere it isn’t needed… good way to get it cut off…


as far as the site:

if you are going to have spinning boxes, at least make them part of the buttons so you can click on them…

the rest is kinda plain, I don’t like your bg color for the text…

it works tho, and that is a big thing…


im going to be completely honest so please excuse me if i over do it.

A.) what you like

Well i dont like any of it, i absolutely hate the spinning squares and the color, its really intense without any life.

B.) what needs to change…
Try changing your color scheme or at least add an extra color or 2 to give it more color, its really really boring ATM. Also, maybe try changing the buttons so that when you hover over it, the square pop up instead of having them just sticking there spinning :slight_smile:

Well i hope i have helped you out :wink: keep at it mate :slight_smile: