Star ship troopers 2

Has anyone heard anything about this sequel?
At the place my GF works, they take big orders for raw materials for most of the big Hollywood movies. She has been filling orders for SST2 for the last 2 days.
In a cheesy way, I sorta liked the first one. It was so OTT in an obvious way, it was funny!
This one should be equally as entertaining :slight_smile:

thats cool. It was the best worst movie Ive ever seen. :slight_smile:

i loved star ship troppers =) mostly because they shot alot of it in my home state of Wyoming =) (the bug planet is actually wyoming =)

I loved the shower scene… that was cool.

I loved the first one! Although I never got to complete the game!

I loved the movie, but mainly because I was a big fan of the book. The movie itself wasn’t that good. They didn’t even have powered asault armor. Ah well… maybe in number 2 they will.

Man i loved this movie. I loved the propaganda news reels in between the scenes which really help explain whats going on. I loved every part of this movie.

Producer talks “Starship Troopers 2”

Moviehole talked to Producer Jon Davidson today about what exactly is going on with the “Starship Troopers” sequel. Davidson did say though that the male lead isn’t exactly locked in due to scheduling conflicts. “There MAY be a sequel to “Starship Troopers”. If there is; it will be directed by Phil Tippett”, he says. “It will be shot High Definition and go direct to DVD (at least in the US).” he adds. And what of the rumours that Clancy Brown will reprise his role as Zimm? “If it goes soon Clancy Brown won’t be in it as he’s busy with a series for HBO. If it goes in the summer or later, Clancy said he’d love to do it.”, Davidson explains.

Thats a little sad that it wont make it into theaters.:-\

I agree, very entertaining movie!
But I think the sequel is going to suck…

Well it sure sounds like it. The fact they won’t ever release it in theaters is enough said.:-\