Star Wars Episode III - 2005

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**come on, he was 7 or 9 or something. You’d probably have been just as bad/worse. I know I would’ve been. **
no, i’m talking about the guy in Ep II

Sorry, that’s a fake picture, I have the real one though

Now that’s one nasty hairline

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Aislin: I couldn’t read LOTR either, I kept falling asleep, but you can’t say that it’s poorly written or **** like that. That’s just immature. Whether you like it or not, Tolkien is a MAJOR modern writer.

^^ what Iyas said :slight_smile:

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**now THAT would have been bad :!:

:stuck_out_tongue: **

Well, yes and no. A big, fat YES because Star Wars and Lucas would have destroyed the Star Wars “feeling”. Fans would have gone mad, burning houses down, writing “Star Trek rules!” all over the place and stuff like that.

But, I also have a tiny [SIZE=1]NO[/SIZE] because I think that DiCaprio doesn’t always suck in his parts. Okay, he has the baby face and all the stuff that make (some) girls go crazy, but honestly, I think the guy isn’t a bad actor. He’s actually pretty good in some movies. Besides, if you take Anakin from Episode I and compare his face to DiCaprio… it’s a perfect match! No wonder they concidered him.

Kit, you’re right, I wanted to drawn the kid that played Anakin in Episode I. The Anakin in Episode II was OK… he did the job. Good? Hmm… Bad? Hmm…

mike thats a great picture.