Stealth germ

DECEMBER 2. US health officials say that four million people have it. A virus. A stealth germ. It can lie around inside a person for years and years, doing nothing, and then it can pounce on the liver, that overworked organ of the body.

From this germ attack can come scarring, called cirrhosis, or even cancer.

They have a test. You can take it. The test measures levels of what they call antibodies. These antibodies signal the presence, in the body, of a fragment of genetic matter which is supposed to be the tag end of the virus.

The bad and nasty stealth virus.

There’s only one problem. No one has ever actually seen the virus. No one has ever isolated it and held it up to the light wiggling by its tail. No one has ever injected this tag-end genetic WHATEVER into a creature and found that it causes disease. But that doesn’t stop them.

And they aren’t stopped by the very serious suggestion that this fragmentary genetic material is really something out of an ordinary human cell. In other words, it’s quite possible that the “virus” they found is nothing more than normal cell-material.

The stealth virus that no one has seen is called HEPATITIS C.

It’s the latest and greatest disease. The buzz is hot and heavy in medical circles.

As I say, estimates are that four million Americans have this virus.

Even the popular TV soap, As the World Turns, is suddenly featuring a character who has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. This is an obvious PR move to “educate” (brainwash) the public. The soap doctor frowns and says, “This is very, very serious. We have to start treatment right away.”

Meaning drugs. Drugs which admittedly don’t help all that much, and are toxic—they have heavy side effects.

But wait. Am I saying that none of the people diagnosed with Hepatitis C are sick? No, I’m not saying that. Some people do have liver problems. The question is, what is causing those problems?

The fact is—and any doctor given a sufficient dose of truth serum will admit this—you have to examine the patient, each patient, and find out what is causing his liver to crinkle or shrink or scar.

It might be alcohol. It might be street drugs. It might be exposure to industrial chemicals. It might be excessive pesticide ingestion.


In this case, we know the cover story: Hepatitis C is a plague that is
overrunning the population. It is concealing the fact that HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF MEDICAL DRUGS CAUSE LIVER DAMAGE.

On a slow evening, haul out a copy of The Physician’s Desk Reference and leaf through the drug descriptions and their adverse effects. You’ll find NUMEROUS mentions of “liver damage.”

THIS needs to be explained away. This needs to be hidden. This needs to be buried at the bottom of the ocean. Because if the word really gets out, then the Big Finger will point at the medical cartel itself.

So—discover/invent/cook up a deadly virus. Use it as a smokescreen. Just ASSERT that it causes grave disease and forget about proving it. Account for all the liver damage caused by medical drugs by invoking the VIRUS.

I have spoken with several health practitioners who have treated patients with Hepatitis C. And a funny thing emerged. When a series of non-toxic, non-drug steps were taken to make the liver more healthy, the liver BECAME more healthy. This fact was confirmed by lab tests.

And the “virus” was never addressed. It was ignored.

Nick Regush, a very good medical reporter who used to work for ABC,recently wrote a few important pieces questioning the whole Hepatitis C paradigm. He challenged researchers to debate him on the issue of whether or not the virus had ever really been discovered in the first place. No one had the guts to step forward.

They’re hiding in the dark, sucking up research-grant money, staying out of the line of fire, letting medical PR people spray the atmosphere with dire warnings about “the new plague.”

And huge numbers of patients are taking the toxic drugs as treatment. Which is called a crime.

Has it come to your neighborhood yet? It will.

A final point. When you look at the people who are being diagnosed with Hepatitis C—and then given the toxic drugs—you find that most of them have no symptoms at all. They are just flying on faith that the doctor knows best. This is an indication of how successful the high priests of medicine really are.

“You have a serious disease, my boy. Even though you feel fine. Uh, we have never found the virus. But we SAY that the virus is the culprit, is the cause of the disease which you have, even though you have no symptoms. And now you must take drugs which are toxic and work poorly to treat the virus which we really don’t know even exists. And we will do nothing to simply improve the overall health of your liver—no nutrients, no detox, none of that. Trust us. Okay?”

These medical guys are high-flyers, believe me. The arrogance for which they are so famous? They NEED it, they really do. Because their scams are ADVENTUROUS, are dealt from the bottom of the deck and are then quite calmly called aces every time.

Watch out. Keep your wits about you. The sharks are out there in droves, peddling their nightmares.