Stealth L.A. Social Start-up Seeks Mythical Flash Engineer

[COLOR=“DarkSlateBlue”]hi folks – i’ve benefitted many times from the tutorials on Kirupa in the past as a freelancer, and i’d like to post this full-time opportunity for anyone in the L.A. area (or who doesn’t mind moving out here like i did) at a brand-new company that needs someone way beyond my skills. if you fit the description, please send your resume and project links to [email protected]. if you have any questions, i’ll do my best to answer them here. thanks![/COLOR]

Five engineers are huddled together in a dark room in the building next to Lindsay Lohan’s condo, creating a system to gather and organize shared media and social interactions for millions of people. They’ve chosen Flash as their presentation layer, to power complex, interactive visualizations of each member’s content. The engineers invite you to join them, but only if you can create a Flash application to generate those key visualizations. Your work will be the centerpiece of all of their efforts, allowing users to slice and dice their content to their every whim. What do you do? What do you do?

No really, what do you do? At your job, that is. Because we (the five engineers) think this position requires a rare combination of experience. Ideally you’ll have a degree in Computer Graphics or a related area, where you learned to create data-driven art or interactive diagrams. Somewhere along the line, you made the leap to Flash, transferring your clean visualization techniques to the messy environment of the web. With the debut of MX, you’ll hopefully have kept on top of things like XML import/export and even FlashJax.

The above may not be the only path to a perfect fit, though. The important thing is that you be able to program graphic effects in Flash – rather than simply animate or illustrate them – and that your experience includes rendering many separate objects pulled from a remote database. If you are familiar with (and know how to build) such projects as and [URL=“”], or are familiar with Ben Fry’s *[URL=“”]Processing*, we probably have a winner. If you don’t know the meaning of such terms as “randomly-generated,” “connected nodes,” “hyperbolic tree,” and “collision detection,” then we’re probably not right for you.

We can’t really say, exactly – we’re in stealth mode. This means that, until you come in and sign some formidable paperwork, we can only make tantalizing allusions, stop short of anything specific, and then change the subject to discuss our fantastic benefits. Like our completed first round of funding. A nearly complete spectrum of brand-new ergonomic chairs (choose your own color upon hire). A veritable juggernaut of health, vision and dental plans. Our tab at the cafe downstairs. Way too much time sharing stupid YouTube videos and playing that one Star Wars game with the Lego men.

What we can say is that you’ll probably like using our product. More importantly, so will your parents.

There are actually nine of us in total, hand-picked for relevant experience at Yahoo!, Tribe, Ebay, and PayPal. In fact, we are led by a former PayPal executive who is recognized for focusing that company’s ideas into the simple, useful service it is today. We aim to duplicate that success, by combining Flash and other technologies (Ruby on Rails, Ajax) into a great experience for the novice user.

We are located in Los Angeles – West Hollywood, to be exact – near all the nightlife and hitmakers. We average one celebrity sighting a week, which is pretty entertaining for the 50% of us that moved here from the Bay Area.

Look, we know we may be writing a job description for an animal that may not exist. But if you possess the combination we seek – elite coding skills that allow you to do dynamic and beautiful things with Flash – please send your resume and links to your visualizations to us, at [email protected]. We’ll get you in here right away to see if you speak the Lingo.


  • High proficiency in Flash/ActionScript 2.0
  • Generated/programmatic/procedural graphics work
  • Flash-based XML web services experience
  • Javascript/Flash Gateway experience
  • Object-oriented background
  • Familiarity with HTML/CSS
  • Familiarity with web frameworks


  • “I can animate that with frames instead.”
  • “Why aren’t you doing this in Java?”
  • “Check out my ‘Skip Intro’ link.”