Still need help...:(

once i uploaded the re-written php and swf file it still wont send to my email…could some one possibly upload it onto their webspace and fill the form n send it to mr for a test to see if it works. then tell me your host, cause i really dont know what to do at all now. please someone help me, i know its supposed to be really simple but this isn’t working no matter what i try…:frowning:

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

I tried it on my webspace and it worked fine. Try going to and try it

I’ll get the email and forward it to your email to show you it works, or just give me your email address and I’ll put it in the swf, so you get the results. It might be your isp.

I put the mail php script on my web space - so now if you go to the above link and submit the info it should go to the address in the script (if that’s the right address).

hey, i got an email off you so it must work, what dya suggest i do…???

Er, make sure that your swf file is in the same folder as your mail php script. Also, if you are sure your host fully supports php, try changing the extenstion of the mail.php3 to mail.php - make sure you also change the file name in the swf to mail.php as well. Try that and see if it works.

this is stupid , it still wont send it must be my host, nayone know a host thats tried and tested for php, i really need to sort this form thing out…:frowning:


I use one called oneandone - - I haven’t really had any probs with them, and they support php, cgi, mysql, etc - i have about 5 domains with them.

They’re supposed to be Europes no. 1 - they were voted that anyway.

But you’re in the States…

Er, actually, are you in the States?

nah im from the UK, ill check that site out now…

thanks for all your help flex…:slight_smile:

P.S. check out my entry for the scripting contest.