Strange Dream.. or is just overworking

Woah, now its my turn to clutter up the Random Section with useless posts… :smiley:

Okay, I had this strange dream this night, I dreamt I had a job making layouts, except the layouts we made out of steel and were as think as rails. Layouts for what? I don’t know, but we had 16 year olds, pimple faced, drive up in crappy souped-up 4 cylinders who bought them from us. Me and this other guy made them, like one we made looked like a “@” sign, some guy claiming to be the best designer took that one, all in all I felt that I was an Oompa Loompa, we even burst in to a song once… “Oompa Loompa lampdidum, we’ve got to make, layouts for your arse…”
Anyway… seemed strange to me… so right… and we never saw the money we made, it was payed ahead but we never got a dime…

Those who followed my adventures to this point already, know that I have a couple of clients (special Olympics) not returning my emails about past due payments… is this a sign?