Strange Navigation Help needed


I am currently finishing up a project for a client and they have made a functionality request that has stumped me.

The way the movie is setup is as follows:

On the main timeline, or _root level there are 25 frames with a separate mc on each frame. As the timeline plays, it stops at each _root level frame, goes into the mc on that frame, plays the mc for its full duration, then comes back to the _root, goes to the next frame, stops the main timeline, and plays the mc on that frame etc.etc.etc… got it? OK.

Within the mc’s on the main timeline there are small information boxes that popup at certain points that tell about what is going on in the animation. The client has asked for a navigation that goes to and stops at each information box. Currently there is a navigation that goes between the frames on the _root level like so

on (release) {

but since there are multiple information boxes within some movie clips, and this only goes to and plays the next (or previous) mc from the beginning, this does not accomplish what they need.

In long descriptive terms this is what I need a button to do.

Go to the root --> Go to the next (or previous) frame on the root --> Go into the mc on this frame of the root --> and stop on this frame number in the mc (or label).

Any help would be appreciated.

Unfortunately posting the FLA is out of the question as it is proprietary, hence my wordy explanation.

-Adam Wolf
Interactive Designer