How do I unload these movies. Please Help

I finally am able to load movies into diff levels using mouse events, but I can’t unload them. What i want to do is to be able to click the same button and have that movie unload. Could some one please go check it out. I have the fla files zipped up and the swf for view. Please, i’ve been at this for 3 days. I’m going cross eyed. A lot of the tutorials I have been using are for flash 5 and I have MX, so it gets a bit confusing.

Here is the link (just click on the “Flash” button when you get there, if some one decides to, I hope, I so hope:-)

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You mean like this

By the way, that’s your file, I modified.

I see that in the first frame of the main.swf on level 1, you created 4 variables with a boolean value of false then in the actions for each mouse event did an if else statement, if the var is not false (! loaded1yn), then, that var is equal to the boolean val of true and it loads the first movie into level 2. Do I have the correct understanding? Works great, thanks so much. I am so enjoying learning action script. I can’t even sleep. lol

I am putting all the projects i work on in swf, and downloadable zip on this page. It’s for my own reference, but maybe helpful to newcomers to AS and Flash MX, like myself. I now have the LoadUnload movie up, as well as the first one that does not unload. Hey maybe soon i will have something worth showing off, but for now just happy to learn the basic’s:)

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when I attempt to post my url in it cuts out some of the addy, is this a reserved ability? Was my url filtered out for some reason?

I posted it w/o the tags, but if im not allowed i will edit them out.

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When you post a url and you see, it’s just been shortened to save space I presume. If you move your mouse over it, you’ll see the full link in the status bar. It will still work.

As for the variables. It’s very simple.

[COLOR=blue]if (load1yn)[/COLOR] just means if [COLOR=blue]load1yn[/COLOR] is true then carry out whatever and [COLOR=blue]if (!load1yn)[/COLOR] means if load1yn is false then carry out whatever.

And when movie 1 loads, the variable [COLOR=blue]load1yn[/COLOR] get set to true, and when it unloads it get set to false.

As for the not sleeping - it’s not a good thing! If you start dreaming about actionscript (as I do) you know you need to chill out!