Stupid button question - this is so embarassing

Okay…this is probably the STUPIDEST question on here…my only excuse is that I’m still learning…okay…here goes:\r\rSo, I have this movie clip on my main timeframe, right. And, inside this movie clip I have a lot of buttons (plus some other stuff…basically this movie clip holds the main content for my links page, so I don’t have mulitple layers on my main timeframe). Why don’t my buttons show their rollover states when I test my movie? \r\r-V

Does the cursor turn into a hand ? And are you sure there is no button over everything ?\r\rpom 0]

Are you sure that you’ve specified the hit area in solid black (with nothing else in the frame)?

Yes, I’m sure nothing is “overshadowing” the buttons…and no, the cursor doesnt’ turn into a hand! :frowning: I’m not sure what you mean by “solid black” for the hit area. Do you mean putting a “background” to the button? If so, I’d like some advice on what the best way to make an “invisble” button (i.e., only the text–not the background–shows)