Stupid Stupid Clients

So I have been talking with this graphic design company for quite a few months about subcontracting their web work through them because they dont want to hire a full time web developer.

So finally a hot lead comes through for this small shop in Boston that sells flowers and crap.

The job sounded super simple and I threw my quote and they bit.

Now that I am half way through the job and speaking with the owner of the shop they had intended on a complete shopping cart system, with ssl security for credit card tranactions.

The graphic design company didnt convey this to me because they are so web illiterate they asked for something completely different.

I dont know weither to throw the job back in thier face or finish it for what I originally quoted.

Because I am subcontracting I cant negotiate price with the end client.

This day is just getting worse and worse. There was a light friggin dusting of snow this morning. I guess it was national wreck your car on the way to work day. I missed tat memo. It took me literally four hours to travel a commute that takes 20 mins with normal traffic.