Subcontracting, Should I?

Well I’ve been having some trouble lately, I said I’d do a flash website for a client, which is all fine and dandy, but I quoted him way too little. I’ve been trying to get it done and everything, but I quoted 65 bucks and I’ve put WELL over 20 hours of work into it, trying to get all of the components together and what not. Anyway, he wants a banner done for the top of it, and I can’t seem to get anything to look good in either photoshop or flash. I want to know what your opinions are on whether I should subcontract the banner out, or if I should keep trying. What would it cost me? I just want to get this project over with, it’s turning into a nightmare! Also, if I were to decide I was going to subcontract out the banner, where would I go to find someone to do this for me?


sub contract and pay the subcontracter what cash? you yourselve are only getting 65 from the site.

In your original quote you must allow money for you to sub contract someone for design work. Usually you look at freelance designers or people that you know to get the sub contact work from. The cost of the subcontracter depends on how much their rate is, but maybe you can get someone here to help you out, what you can offer them in return i would not have a clue.


sexual favours :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I think you’re right (Soulty), I think I’ll just keep plugging away at it myself, or maybe give someone a percentage… lol.

If anyone would be willing to help out though, it would be much appreciated, I don’t know what I can offer (shut up Asphalt :stuck_out_tongue: lol) but I’d try my hardest to make it up to you in (almost) any way possible :slight_smile:

Why can’t you charge your client more ? Or isn’t that done after a price has been settled. I don’t know, I’ve never had a job before …

Well I already agreed on a price with him, so I don’t think I can charge him more, or at least I don’t feel it would be very professional… But anyway, for how long I’ve spent if I charged him by the hour or whatever, it would end up being a LOT more than the initial quote. Maybe you have a point though, does anyone know if that would be legit, technically there is no written agreement, only AIM conversations and E-Mails…

depends on many aspects, relationship with client ( do you know him/her well,) , how long you have been working on the project, if the banner was asked for after the quote.

Just so you know emails are legal documents. So i advice you to keep any email conversation with any clients. i Archive mine and at my old work i use to print them out and put them in the same jobbag as the clients jobpage.

Wouldnt be able to tell you if you can go to him and ask for more money… it seems like its a buddy buddy website, (friends website) so i wouldnt be too sure about asking for money.

Well sort of, I don’t know him personally, but the website is a clan website, and we’ve been playing together for a while (6 months maybe). I keep all of the emails, as well as logging the AIM conversations, and I’ll have to look and see exactly what was said to see if it was agreed upon before or afterward.

I’ve been working on the project for a couple of weeks now, but as I said, actual working time is somewhere around 20 hours although I don’t count. Part of the trouble though is that he hasn’t given me all of the information I need for all of the sections.

I guess this is going to be a learning experience, it is my first client, so I think I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Oh well, that’s how you learn.

Thanks for the help Soulty :slight_smile: