Submission for SOTW -

I was told to submit my site personally. I hope you all like it.\r\

I really like it a lot. Here’s something nice (and funny) too\r\rpom 0]

yeah pom, that’s a really awesome website!\rbtw, i’ve never seen yours!! do u have one right now? I’m sure you do and it’s great… :slight_smile: what’s the link huh

Hey Hey,\rI’m glad you re-submitted your site :slight_smile: Your site deserved it. How much time have you spent on the site? It seems like the site would’ve taken quite some time! You can choose to display a link that you won:\r\\\r\rCheers!\rKirupa

Very creative site - ingenious concept.\rVery clean animations and carefully crafted sequences.\r\rimpressive!