Submitting site to search engines

hey, i was wondering whether anyone here pays yahoo or any search engine to submit their website. i know that it is kinda expensive at around $300, but is it worth it?what if i try to get some free search engines that don’t charge $$$ ? noone will ever find my site if i don’t submit…might actually be a good thing \r\r:smokin: scott

check out this post. Phil answered a lot of questions regarding this. Scroll down a little til you get to the looooong post by Phil.\r\r

Makeveli-\r If you got extra money, I have time and will submit the hell out of your site with tracking available for you, seriously. I’ll spend 12 hours submitting it everywhere for 125.00. But I wouldn’t suggest this if you have the time yourself. Get one of the free submitters. Also, make darn sure your site is ready for the engines; Just a very few of the things you MUST have done before you press that first send button on a submitter are;\r\rKeywords should be no more than 874 charachters with keystrokes, spaces. More is bad, less is acceptable.\r\rTitle name; 60 charachters is perfect; More is bad. Less is acceptable.\r\rMeta Description; No more than 150 charachters. More is bad. Less is bad. 150 is just right.\r\rAnd all the other things i put in that post that Jubba gave you above. I will submit your site to all the major search engines that matter, around 35 of them, and thousands of other less, but equally important sites for you for 125 bucks if you got no time and money to throw around. And I’ll throw in a few tricks I just learned recently as well…\r\rBut if you have the time, (lots of time) just follow the principles of that other post and the updated info above. But do NOT submit your site unless it passes all the above tests, is ready as it sits, is in it’s permanent URL, and has links that for the most part match a good portion of your keywords. And make sure you submit at Yahoo manually. DO NOT USE a site submission tool for Yahoo or the other major engines either. DO NOT USE your normal email address. Ignore these principles at your own peril. Remember, many sites never even make it to a search engine, EVER. They are dead before they begin. \r\rRigel Dominar XVI aka Phil Jayhan :lol: \r:p

Makaveli-heres that old post\r\rOk,\rI will give a few hints and helps that I have found along the way. First of all, if you are going to seriously market your site you will want to use site submission engines, but for many of the reaons you wouldn’t think of; There are many Site Submission engines that are top in many engines and directories as far as relevence. When you use their site for submission they send out your link to a whole bunch of search engines but also a bunch of FFA (Free For All) pages. Some of these pages, believe it or not, are at the top of some hot Directory’s and simply having your link on their page will allow your site to always be co-ranked as far as relevence. It is a huge help, more than you can know and it will be helpful for exposure. \r\r** Site Submission Tools**\r1. If you use them, (Site Submission Tools) make sure you take out a new garbage e-mail address for the return junk mail which will NEVER stop once you do this. Ignore this rule at your own peril. i.e [email protected]\r\r2. Never pay for it. There are so many for free and it is the same exact service. It doesn’t take terribly long to do but you should set aside at least 1/2 - 1 full day for this alone. But it is helpful. Make sure you spend adequete time on the Foreign search engines in such countries as Brazil, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, India, etc…(See others below)\r\rlink:\rKirupa has 570 URL’s that link to it. Thats an awful large number for such a short time. Now heres what happens at Yahoo when someone does a search for any of those other URL’s; Yahoo, is a directory, NOT a search engine. When one of those other sites that link to Kirupa gets closer to the top as far as relevence and popularity, Kirupa’s site too will rise in relevence rating within the Yahoo Directory Structure. Wanna see it yourself, go to Yahoo and punch in, link: (just 5 charachters, the word link and a semicolon, cant do it in brackets it turns to a smiley, Maudit!) before the entire web address for any site you wish this information on. It will then show you all the sites that Yahoo has in their directory with links to Kirupa, and other Directories and engines that it searches through it’s meta-crawlers as well. \r\r** Reverse Relevance**\rBut it works in reverse as well. Hence many will see part of the scheme of my site. Yahoo does the same thing backwards so to speak. Sites with many links that are highest in Yahoo’s relevence are treated in the same fashion. Those sites will rise in relevence in the searches and the site will appear more and more, the higher those other links sites are in relevence. i.e. My site will generate a lot of traffic within a short amount of time if for no other reason than my selection of links. They are all top notch links and the most popular sites on the Net. In other words the search engines and crawlers will welcome my site with open arms as I splashed into the net linking to all the favorites, that consequently are high in relevence and searches.\r\r** Key Words**\rAs pointed out above, they are essential for traffic. Big black penis by the way is one of the top hitters at Another is Aliens, Roswell, and UFO’s. Throw in Britney Spears breast exposed at last! and you will indeed find it generates extra traffic to your site. So make sure your key words are extensive and very telling and manipulative. But the size limit to this is 874 charachters. Do not gover this magic arbitrary number.\r\r** Key-Words should have corrsponding links**\rAnother search tip is to have key-words & links that are self-linked. In other words, if you have a key word being; big black penis, there should be a corresponding link on your page, ‘big black penis’ or else the crawler will take points away and award you a lower relevence in it’s directory when it returns home. \r\r** Meta- Tags**\rSo make sure your Meta Tags are all filled out and overflowing so to speak. More is more in this case. Meta-KeyWords, Meta-Description, and Meta something or another. This is ultra important for a new site. Make sure they also do not exceed these number, charachter limits. 60 charachters for the title. 150 charachters for the description, and no more than 874 charachters for the keywords. All above are including the spaces and carriage returns and commas. \r\r** Meta Decription**\rIn this case, less is more. Most crawlers will only pick up/upto the first 150 words. This is the desciption you might see if you were at Yahoo and did a search. Each site that comes up will show you like 10, 0r 25 or 50 words to describe the site. This description is the Meta Description function in HTML. These desecriptions must be supplied to the engines and crawlers via the meta Desrciption. So be very concise and make it very descriptive. Make the description grab out to the searcher and say, click me, click me! Because that is what they are going to see when doing a search and your site comes up.\r\r** To Spam or not to Spam**\rSpend time spamming the ography boards with your link, it works! And your only helping these poor souls be distracted with something more wholesome, like your website that has no pictures of Britney Spears Breasts or big black penis’s. Doh! I got a lot of visitors, regular visitors to an older site I used to have with these methods. It works! I feel it is also fair since they hog all the bandwith on the net with their dirty pictures, to cause them a little annoyance. Easy crowd too! Doh! Newsgroups are excellent as far as getting recognition; They too werk on the directory method posted above, but they are also catalogued in the search engines and directories, thus it will help your relevence if your website appears in their newsgroups. It’s worth the time. And don’t spam the newsgroups, just a somber warning. This is one group that will turn and tear you to pieces. Just work it in slowly, following the rules. This werks though and is one highly effective long term method of exposure.\r\r Content: \rHave something that will cast the biggest net for people coming to your site. And make sure there is a big net to keep them their when they finally come. People want their news. They want to search. And they want the governments corruption all in one easy to find place. Hence my site, our site actually, I am just the Webmaster, Corpus Tyrannicus Research Institute. I think it will be a draw for people. I am even starting to like my site, and Im frellin picky. I already have 84 internal links. And like 18,000 external links if Dreamweaver is telling me the truth, I think it’s lying. \r\r** Expired links & Extra money**\rNow many of those links are expired or will expire. No problem, once I set up my 404 file page, they will be directed to a 404 site that pays me 4 cents for each and every one of those suckers. I cannot police 18,000 links. And many of them are in archived stories that most will not click on, reference stuff and stuff. Spend time in other countries submitting your site. This got me the most traffic. France, Germany, Canada, Britain, Singapore, Russia, China, Tiawan, Australia!!-These are good places and needful if you want international traffic right away (4-6 weeks).\rExpect it to take about 6 weeks for your website to be thoroughly spidered throughout the web, worldwide after submission. Make sure your site is in it’s permanent URL as well. Don’t be trigger happy with these steps. Each in it’s own turn.\r\r** Now that your sit is up…\rMake sure the servers know. Go to as many sites as possible FROM your site. This will catalogue YOUR NEW URL into their New URL Directory and each and every ‘portalpoint’ of the internet that it takes you to get to that page. Example; If I click on, say, ‘Moscow Times’ my URL might be catalogued by as many as 2-300 servers, each time it goes thru a junction, your URL is catalogue in these new URL directories. This in itself is werthless, except these servers are crawled and allowed to be crawled for this directory by default. Lists of names are then generated, which are sold to the search engines en mass. The sooner these engines see your URL all over the net, the better. \r\r Size; Appearance**\rMake sure your page loads quickly, has a pro look, and plenty of material. Now that you have spent all this time to get them to come, what do you have to offer them if they stay?\r\r** Avoid the piss-offs;\rNo small hard to read print ( a big sin of the flasher community) \rSmall, undersized buttons (a growing portion of our population id elderly and need big print and big buttons, and also a sin for flashers)\r\r 404’s**\rFront page links that don’t work. (Dont put em up if they don’t werk)\rThe search engines a meta crawlers will also whack you heavy for this indiscretion.\rThen the really obvious stuff like no black background with internet green print. No red print. Color schemes must be superior and pleasing, well pleasing. If they don’t like the look they won’t return.\r\r** Contact;\rMake it easy to find. And make sure they can contact you. Most of the time it doesn’t matter if they dont get a return mail, but if they want to write you and cannot it is a turnoff. Also, unless you want to end up having your email box ruined, find the javascript available as open source and hide your mailto:'s, so they cannot be spidered.\r\r Popups**\rDon’t use em. Idiots made those to wreck the intenet experience. Don’t give in to the idiots. Whoever first thought those up should be shot, along and after the person who invented the hold button on the telly. Or at least sacked. \rFrames; Try not to confine people to your site within frames; Not a good idea. This is a major pissoff to people.\r\r** Navigation**\rBack button; I am unforgiving on this issue; With me it is a cardinal sin as many might already know; If I am surfing and go to your site and you make my return path void by blanking the back button or any of those other mindless schemes to imprison me in their site, ** I will never, EVER under any circumstance revisit the site.** No matter how cool, no matter what. That is unforgivable and selfish, it has ruined so many of my searches I would like to personally strangle the mind numbed jerk who invented it. But I digress.\r\r** Word of Mouth**\rAnd word of mouth which is the number one way, after of course having a site that interests them for more than 5 minutes. You better have something they want or else my take on human nature is they are gone and won’t return. Fickle crowd. Remember that though, they want instant gratification for news, weather, games, whatever. But instant is the codeword. Long load pages are seldom revisited by me. \r\r** Incomplete Pages**\rAvoid placing an incomplete page in it’s respective URL for more than 1 week. Trust me, this can kill all the visitors perceptions of your site. The search engines and meta crawlers also will rank punish you with poor relevence until they detect through another crawl, a correction. (And remember, there is a 6-8 week time drag for Crawlers, so don’t make this error, be ready and waiting for them as honored guests) When I see an under construction sign, I am outta there. Just me but I think many are the same way.\r\rThere a few tips for now-\rHope some of them helped…\rPhil Jayhan\r:p