Suggestion: Beginners Forum: Intro To

My experience, this far, has been a rollercoaster. I did not have a proper introduction to OOP or ActionScript (or any other langauge.) I jumped in to ankle-deep water head first. I rely on many hours of research and tutorials (only few of which are actually helpful… this forum and it’s tutorials being one of them)

With so many books and websites out there to grab your attention and offer to help you get into OOP, or any other language… a lot of them don’t seem to get the idea across very well. They’re usually written by programmers, for programmers.

What about the rest of us?

Perhaps a new forum, with helpful threads for non-programming people to get a good grasp of a subject, weather it’s to help them at their job, to get an understanding of ActionScript, or someone who wants to get into it heavy… learning the basics of OOP would be a good start.

Good idea? Bad idea?