Thanx for the recommendations

I’m pretty familiar with the basics…it’s precisely in the actionscript that i really, really suck…i’m making the tutorials and it’s all right…the problem is that i don’t understand some of the tutorials because i’m not familiar with what is and how works actionscript…so i kinda need a dummies guide to actionscript… :rolleyes:

the most simple actionscript books are pointless. I would recommend (again) going thru the tutorials and ask questions here on this forum as much as you need. If you need an explanation of something someone here will be more than happy to help (and it will save lots of money). Everything I have learned has been either thru experimentation or from this site (forum and tutorials). I recently bought “Flash Math Creativity” and its amazing, it has some of the craziest actionscripting I have ever seen, I recommend this one once you get better at Actionscript. Anything that is covered in one of those books can be found here, if its not in a tutorial, then ask a question on the forum…and its free!:slight_smile:

Just trying to save you money…:slight_smile:

I’m currenlty in the process of making tutorials which go through the basics that you’re talking about. Unfortunately I’ve found that building these for people in your situation is really very hard to do… it’s time consuming… :slight_smile:
Please just ask any question, and I’ll do my best to answer it in as simple a terms as anyone can.
What have you come across so far that you don’t understand.
anything… just ask, and I’ll answer.

I’ve purchased a few books & found my greatest resource for learning AS in this site & this forum.
I’d recommend posting your question here & try to answer the questions others ask as your ability level increases. I’m very new to this but this seems to be working well for me. Even if figuring out other people problems is time consuming for you it worth the time. Guaranteed you’ll teach yourself & help someone else out as well.

yep! mangrove, they are all right, just try the tut’s and then ask questions when you get stuck… this place is really really good for help, there’s alot of helpful people around in here :slight_smile:

Hey, Upu ! Are you gonna make tutes about oop ? That would be great !

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