Super Mario brothers: The lost levels

Hey I did some research online, and I found out that the SMB: The lost levels… was only for Super NES, not just NES.

BUT! They have a japanese version for the NES. And I want to buy it. So please, does anyone have it or know where to get it?

Please, dont reply if you dont know a thing. You know what im talking about, stuff like “no idea” or “google it”. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Google it.

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:
Have you tried eBay? One of my friends got a bunch of old Japanese games (which may have been for NES, or perhaps the original GameBoy, I can’t really remember) off of there last year. Aside from that, sorry, no other ideas. :frowning:

ebay :smiley:

you mean this: ?

if not try going to ebay japan :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hifi beat me


[EDIT] That thing’s for GBA! I’m so getting it.

Just throw down like 50 bucks for a snes and get the snes version. I have it for snes, it’s a great game. I actually beat it last night ironically.

It was on Mario: All Stars for SNES…

don’t not google it.

//Sorry I had to.

Ha ha ha ha! You couldn’t have said it any more funny. I see “google it” 24/7 around these parts.

The Lost Levels was sweet. It had deadly purple mushrooms. The English Lost Levels are only for the SNES. It was part of Super Mario All Stars.

Well I have to say I have been looking for it for you and I have not found it. I’m pretty shure you could, but it would take a good amount of time. Like everyone else said, you might as well just get All-Stars, I had it and it was the best game I had for SNES.

Yeah, I guess you’re right… although I would still like to get it for NES… to prove my friends that its possible.

That ebay item might be it… they say the “Famicom” is basically the NES… but ill have to check to see if it would work.

[edit] wow yeah nvm thats for GBA. lol. [/edit]

Lost Levels was tough for me when I played it 6 or 7 years ago. I hated those castles where you had to take the right path or risk suffering an…infinite loop! :stuck_out_tongue:

i have the “lost levels”…its soo much fun! i beat most of the games…but its still fun to play.

i have a full arcade games program …called nestcles…something like that…is that the same NEC ur talking about? it has super mario bros 3, contra and a list of sooomany classic games…if anyone need that, u can contact me.I have windows 2000 in my office it runs there…but not at home, got xp here…so i dont know… hit and try :stuck_out_tongue: