Survivor - Pearl Islands

Lil was SOOOO dumb for voting Jon off. With him, she MIGHT have had a chance. Sandra was a shoe-in if she made it to the final 2. Im surprised Lil even got the one vote. I was kind of hoping Jon would win because he was so fun… him or Rupert though they knocked him out way back when (I missed that one, Ive seen like 2 1/2 shows including the first and tonight this final one where they decided who got the million).

Its actually a lot more fun to watch than I’ll admit :whistle:


A lot of those reality shows sucked in germany, now we have only big brother remaining on a channel nobody watches.
those island shows were not too entertaining, but what’s even worse, are those popstar popup shows, producing more instant-bands and singers, than anyone can count.
The stupid thing is they all behave same!
They cover formerly good songs, produce some cristmas crap together with children, unpopular TV stars, and sing some merely bad No1 hits designed for them.

Yeah we have popstar show here too :frowning:

I reeeeally hate those too…