I’m not usually a visitor to the Ordered forum, but just this once.

Those of you in Britain will no doubt be aware that yet another series of Big Brother starts today on C4.

What’s your opinion of these reality TV shows? And the people that go on them? :slight_smile:

I’ve got enough reality in my reality… I don’t need more of someone elses reality to keep my reality entertaining. :slight_smile:

In general, I find reality television to be pretty sad… but then again, so is situational comedy, and I enjoy that. I guess in the end, it’s all about the market share. If that’s what the rest of the population wants to watch, I’ll let em. Just don’t cancel my “Smallville”. :slight_smile:

Good point. :slight_smile:

I’m probably more irritated by the people that go on the shows. Last year’s Big Brother for example was (I think) the third one made. All the people who applied to go in the house must surely have known what it was going to be like in there by now.

But if I remember correctly, one of the girls didn’t last a week, because she was a lawyer or something, and thought the experience might damage her career. So why’d she apply in the first place? :sure:

Actually I’m probably just annoyed that the series has inflicted that godawful Jade woman on us…

lol… you got Jade, I got a brand new “American Idol”. Same feelings. :slight_smile:

Don’t even get me started on Gareth Gates either… (English Pop Idol runner up).

I’m so sick of reality TV. Whats so real about it? I think thats the thing that annoys me the most. Its freakin name! And then theres the fact that people actually watch it, and enjoy doing so. I can’t wait for the day when these stupid shows cease to exist.

hear hear, the real world is in no way real.

i’m also really tired of American Idol as well. I’m tired of the music industry “hunting” for talent when all they do is exploit the person to make more money for the industry. With each successive AI comes more pop stars that only 14 year olds listen too. What will we do with so many pop stars if AI becomes a seasonal thing (which it looks like it’s becoming)? The industry knows they can make a killing off of this show because they know that teens are going to buy their CD once they get recorded. Also, their music isn’t original anymore; the “artist” is just a puppet that sings what others put down on paper, and to top it all off, put a pretty face on it. there’s no originality anymore, we are lowering the standards of talent by doing this. teens everywhere are thinking that they can be the next AI when they get old enough so they drop all their previous dreams and shoot for that stardom.
Also, have you noticed the most recent pop groups (boy/girl bands) like backstreet boys and nsync? exactly, there weren’t any because why put 5 “talented” people in a group to sing together when they can make separate albums, thus make 5 times what they would make on a single group album?
that’s what this music industry is all about, money. if you don’t think so, what do you make of American Idol? Music Piracy? Steady yet steep CD prices?
[end rant]

I respectfully stand to Jubba when I say that im sick of reality TV shows. :slight_smile: I find them kind of pointless… and sometimes kind of fake too…

i am sick of reality TV. it seems that every day they have something new. Now they have a show for the most talented kid. Who the heck cares???

Whats next, who can sing the national anthem backwards?

These shows are getting very anoying. I can see having a couple of these shows, but not a sudden outburst of 5 every week.


Well what will happen is the same thing that happens with all entertainment. Its cyclical. They will become popular, flood the market, then people will get sick of them, ratings will go down, shows will be cancelled, and they will find something new to obsess over. Its sad really…

Reality shows are just another pop-culture experiment. Prior to these reality shows, the big craze was on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” spinoffs - I can’t recally many who still watch that show now. There is an “American Idol” clone for Country Music???

TV companies are more interested in making money than actually creating something lasting and memorable. Very few pop-culture shows last past few seasons with Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune being among a small group of exceptions.

Reality shows, as Jubba says, will be cancelled once people get sick of them. I hope the next thing involves dangerous meerkats…everybody likes dangerous meerkats (with fangs)!

Kirupa :bandit:

Yet another reason not to watch TV, i havent watched TV in like 2 years already and dont need it my TV only uses 2 channels Video1 and Video2 1 is for my video game systems and the other my DVD player and the theaters is my other method of watching TV like stuff, but i dont watch TV its bad for you and rots your brain when you can educate it on kirupaland :beam:

I agree with Phil! It is cruel for Kitiara to entitle the thread, ‘1984’ only to smash our hopes and dreams when the topic of conversation is not a book by George Orwell, but rather a discussion about reality TV!

with that said, my biggest gripe about reality TV is that they hold applicants, and screen through countless auditions. All of them have done this, all the way back to the original; the Real World on Mtv. Sadly, this television genre packs in the viewers and will continue to do as long as their is an audience for it.

EDIT:and if i would have read all of the posts before responding, i could’ve avoided being redundant. d’oh - (_8(|)

Oh come on… 1984, Big Brother is watching, Big brother on C4… It links!

It was supposed to entice you into the thread, and it worked! :beam:

:slight_smile: lol. so it did kit… so it did.

Question for the Philman. What on earth possessed you to quit TV in the first place, and what made you go back? Inquiring minds want to know.

Secondly I’d like to take this oppertunity to plug this book again. Every American citizen should read “Four Arguements For The Illimination Of Television”.

haha, you are sneaky Kit. Your devious methods did work this time, but next time i shall be prepared, Mwahahaha!