Swift 3D Forum

I think there should be a Swift 3D Forum section. There is one for Flash MX, and Flash MX 2004.


Also look at that search and notice what comes up first.


I second that! I’m just starting with it, its an amazing bit of kit for any flasher

That is a good point.

I’ll vote on that and post a pic of my swift 3d thing I made once.

I never actually used it.

I will have a forum created for that shortly! I may even go back and retouch some of the older Swift 3D tutorials :slight_smile:

Plus, Ver. 4 just came out yesterday, so some people are going to have to make tutorials for that.

Yeah, Im going to have to wait for my box copy to get shipped, but it looks to be actually fairly usable now (prior versions are very frustrating to model in, even fairly simple geometry).

Great to hear man!!!

I just recently made a tutorial on how to use the lathe editor so there will also be something new to read :).

Oh yea - there is already a swift 3D forum, the other forum ;).

If anything, we should have a huge forums on 3D and digital video.

Swift 3D forum is now up. I renamed the Other category to Swift 3D since many of the questions there were related to Swift 3D anyway.

Especially now that v4 came out, you’ll see loads of questions about v4 in it ;).