Swift 3d quicky

I just have a couple quick questions about swift 3d:

  1. is it possible to import a scene from Maya or 3ds Max?
  2. is it possible to create an interactive 3d item? zoom and rotate with mouse for example…
  3. if NOT, what program do I use to do that in?

i want to make interactive 3d models to showcase products, that i have re-created in Maya… thanks for any help :smiley:

1: from max yes.
2: no, unless you make the 3d movies such as zoom is one movie, and rotate is another and in flash you use actionscript to tell flash to play that particular frames when you mouse does a certain thing.

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3: you would use a Shockwave format used in Macromedia Director, and to get more interaction you can use plugins in director and 3d max, called Havok.

But if your using maya , and you are going to use Director you can download a free shockwave exporter for maya. http://www.aliaswavefront.com/en/products/maya/sw3d/download_options.shtml

Maya 5 has that above plugin with the package and also has a vector exporter as well, check it out at http://www.aliaswavefront.com/en/products/maya/whatsnew/v5.0/index.shtml

Plasma has the plugin as well, and it’s much cheaper than Maya.


dude , he has maya.

want to make interactive 3d models to showcase products, that i have re-created in Maya… thanks for any help :smiley:

hey soulty, i think that fits into that thread:

how do i render into flash with maya 5? i cant find this option anywhere :-\ . and the helpfiles arent very helpful either… thanks in advance

go to Window/ Rendering Editors/ Render global and on the pull down menu “Render using” select the Maya vector, the tabs below should of updated now based on your selection, so select the maya vector tab, and all your options should be there.


wow, thanks for that quick answer. hm, would be cool if you showed us sth of your work with maya5 :slight_smile:

havent done really anything special, not enough time, there are a few things ive posted in the drawing and design thread but when i get my site done , ill have them all there.

Battle entry:: http://members.optushome.com.au/paulsoultis/Destruction.jpg

3d plug:: http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=21299


thanks soulty, i’ll try that… WICKED SITE btw… i love the interface and design!!