Swift v4 Advanced Modeling

I just got the new version of swift 3D! I was just wondering, what does everyone think of the new AM interface in swift? I find it kind of intimidating, but thats because I have never used something like this before (I did have v3)

No, its on the normal interface where you could click on the bg and drag and it would move the viewpoint

you have to hold alt+LMB to do it now. I guess they wanted to stay true to most 3d proggy’s. I like it better that way too.

ok, thanks for the help! In a way, I kind of like it that way because now you cant accidentaly move the perspective. :thumb:

Hmm Looks like there tring to build and actual 3D programm only for flash… It’s there a market for that?

There seems to ne as in the intro movie on their site they said that over 40,000 designers use it…

Oddly enough with a mix of its pricing and unique export options I would say yes. I actually find my self using it quite a bit in my illustrator projects. It is also evolving into a valid 3d tool.