Swish and flash give these results


While looking on the net I found that Swish now also makes sites for companys, and one of their examples is pretty cool


This one

When you click a button you notice a change in a background. The background moves, you’l see.
But I wonder; how was it done? It’s not a motion Tween, but it’s actionscripted. How do you do that?


probably a big movie clip that just eases from one position to another on click. It feels like turning the camera because the photo was done wide angle.

eu, rright??:whistle:

Can you explain further?

Maybe this tutorial helps you


just place a image make a mask and animate the mask to the certain spots of the image you want to focus on, then use gotoframe label or whatever way you choose to go to the selected frame its pretty easy :wink:

Do you mean by motion tweens?


Could you explain further how you would do it? Would you use variables too? To see where you are, and where you need to go…

Never mind, I think I found it…

great :smiley: