Syncing sound with movie

i am trying to make an animated music video with flash 5. the soundtrack is a separate .swf from the animation because it is very large (650kb and 2700 frames @ 12fps.) i use sound option stream. in the fifth frame of the second scene of my “visuals” i use a load movie frame action to start the sound. however, there appears to be a small delay (2 or 3 seconds) before the sound starts to play. this does not happen when i use the version stored on my hard drive or test movie, only when using the internet.

how can i preload a streaming sound for a few seconds to get ahead and then have a frame action to start the sound exactly on a certain frame so it will sync up with the animation?

(my email is [email protected]. will i be notified of a response to this post?)

thank you for help!! i am banging my head on the table at this point.

no you wont be informed of a reply, and wouldn’t it help if you preloaded the entire movie… I’m not sure, wish I could help more :

is it possible (easy?) to combine two .swf’s? My soundtrack.swf is 1 scene, 1 layer and 2700 frames long. My movie.swf is 15 scenes many layers and 2700 frames long total. I am disinclined to preload the entire movie because the loading time would be longer than the playing time. i want to take advantage of the sound stream option. i don’t know if i can tell movie.swf to pause to wait for soundtrack.swf to load to a particular point and then sync them up? if i could make soundtrack.swf a layer in movie.swf then i could use “if frame loaded”?