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First, mods, let’s establish that I use kazaa for solely and exclusively legal things!


Anyways, I wanted to take this time to introduce to kirupians two awesome (and free) apps for your PC.

  1. Sysmetrix
    (Picture below!)
    Sysmetrix measures pretty much everything about your computer and puts it in a sweet (skinnable) display. As you can see my hard drive is nearly full, I should look into that. I’m using an awful lot of ram… maybe I should close some stuff. Hey look, I can see how fast my net is at this very second. My IP address! How’d those blue dots cover up some of the numbers? …wierd. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

All that great stuff and MUCH more depending on the skin. You can even integrate WinAmp3 into it with some skins. Skins range in shape and size, so no doubt you can find one that is comfortable for you.

  1. KaZaA Lite
    (Picture showing coolness of SpeedUp below!)
    KaZaA Lite is basically KaZaA without popups and the ‘shop’ button. It works with other kazaa users, it looks/loads the same. Etc. One big difference though is the useful little tools that come with your download. One is called ‘SpeedUp’. This thing automatically “Finds More Sources” for downloads. For KaZaA users, you know what this means, and how convenient it is. This thing makes it even better! You set your own cycles, and it checks for more sources every however often. I set mine for 5 Second cycles, cause I’m impatient.
    Also with it is the AVI preview, which lets you view legal video files that you are downloading before they are complete. This is useful to make sure it is the correct file, and not some illegal movie that you definitely don’t want!
    I think there’s a couple more, but I don’t use them, and so I don’t really care.

I won’t provide links to these apps, because I can’t remember the sysmetrix one, and I don’t think the mods would like me telling you how to get something that could be used for bad things.

Use google search to find either, though.

My reviews!

  1. Sysmetrix is awesome! But you’ll find you don’t use it half as often as you think you would. I downloaded it thinking it was the most awesome thing in the world, and then I started using it only when doing stuff in Flash//Photoshop//Word Processor. It’s EXTREMELY useful for those of us without unlimited ram, because you’ll know when you’re about to go and crash, so you can close up some other stuff.
    I haven’t crashed for like… a long time, but I am still cautious. WinXP is extraordinarily stable, but I’m sure win98 users could find this useful.

  2. Speedup is awesome for those really big files. It never lets your downloads stop. It never just says “Meh, that source is gone.” It gets another one, so when you leave your 50kbps download and go to bed, you don’t come back to it saying “More Sources Needed” or anything like that.

Thanks for reading my junk!

{Edit 1}
In the picture, the wierd orb + kazaa, the wierd orb would be SpeedUp. It runs from your system tray.
{/Edit 1}

{Edit 2}
In case you’re unfamiliar with Kazaa, the download there would be one file being downloaded from 15 Sources. Just clearing it up!
{/Edit 2}

{Edit 3}
Windows 98 is the best operating system ever and I should never contest that fact. Please accept my deepest apologies for my misguiding of young souls.
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
{/Edit 3}

{Edit 4}
Hey jubba! I’m gonna make my footer an ongoing conversation between mods and myself. You’ll see, it’ll be cool.
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*Originally posted by Aislin *
**WinXP is extraordinarily stable, but I’m sure win98 users could find this useful. **

Hey! I resent that! I run windows 98 and I’m not crashing left and right! My win98 is as stable as it gets. Never crashes! :angry:

nice stuff :slight_smile:

Win98 is believed to be the most stable OS microsoft has came up with yet… i run win2k server and im satisfied with it… smoother than XP IMO…

My post is updated/edited now Jubs! Yay!

Hm, I guess I was wrong about 98.
Maybe I’m just remembering things wrong.

What i remembered was …

XP = Good Security. Best for configuring stuff, hardware and junk. Sucks up a lot of Ram.

ME = Horrible Horrible security-wise.

98/95 = Okay Security. Not extremely stable.

I don’t know where the not stable thing came from.

ME = Horrible Horrible security-wise.

and crashes when you look at the computer with the wrong tone of voice. 95 was crap (as far as I can remember) win98 can be stable if you know what you are doing. I haven’t had a single crash in about 2 years. :slight_smile:

i had ME before i upgraded to win2k. I think WinME should be banned somehow… its hotrible in all aspects, not only security… :sure:

I haven’t crashed since I got the computer except on ONE occasion, and I’m not sure if it entirely crashed, or if it was just slowed down ULTRA SLOW. Either way, I was messing around with coding mpeg or something. I think that I thought I could invent MP6. 6 being an imaginary number for my cool new music format.

Yeah, that was six months ago.
MP6 and six months ago. I think I should have some sort of anniversary for it…

aislin, that program sysmetrix rocks, thanks for bringing it up.

so aislin, what do you use kazaa for that is legal?

please explain…


*Originally posted by reverendflash *
so aislin, what do you use kazaa for that is legal?

(tim: say that you download linux images… or something like that) :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t get on his case, I just want to know what he uses it for. I’ve never had a need for kazaa, so I don’t know anything but what the press tells me…


speed by itself is NOT that great. to get the full effect u need to also get, AutoSearch.

I download lots of stuff that is legal. Skins for programs, Linux stuff, I’ve made my own skins for Kazaa and traded them over fileshare.

Not only that! When you’re lucky, you MIGHT (and it’s not likely) be able to trade huge files with friends. I’ve done it like, twice. It’s useful because Instant Messenger File Transfer systems usually have a maximum size nowadays.

I got my friends ‘music videos’ via KaZaA. She made them herself, etc.

There is creative work by the busload on kazaa. You just have to find it. And avoid viruses, too, I guess.

yeah, there also a lot of bands that don’t care if you download their music. OAR for one is completely for the sharing of music on the internet. That is how they started out… the internet made them big and its the reason that they are successful now. Also, like Aislin said, there are tons of freeware programs on kazaa… I don’t have it installed anymore because I lost my Anti-Virus software CD so I am nervous to download anything…

thanks for the tipp, i already knew that the lite version roxx ;p
But the sysmetrix is new for me, i check it out. Sounds really good…

i heard something about lite not having any trojans.

Some people aren’t willing to spend over $1,000 on programs that they are unfamiliar with and therefore aren’t going to buy them. In my case, as soon as I go to my college, I am going to raid the bookstore of Photoshop 6, Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX, possibly Fireworks MX. I don’t support those who do that stuff, but in some cases, people who would ahve otherwise just shunned away will now get interested and go out and buy the things.

I know of a ton of great hardware websites, but does anyone know any awesome software sites

I am looking for the following:

Photoshop 6
Flash MX
Fireworks MX
Dreamweaver MX
Swift 3d
Rhino 3D

DO not have this discussion here. Thank you.


I just re-read my post for about the fifth time and I finally understand the negative response. My question was not in order to find illegal warez of the programs, but a legal way to procure relatively inexpensive original copies of the programs. I am sorry for the confusion. I was trying to find an effective online college bookstore, not pirated copies. I have gathered that you guys are more than against that, and I do agree.

Well, I personally don’t care if you download anything thru Kazaa or any other program, its just that a discussion like that generally starts to turn bad, because then you have the people coming in saying

“I download everything! Why pay when you can get it for free?”

I would rather just stop the discussion before it even starts to prevent any kind of problems. Yes the forum policy is strictly against the discussion of pirating, cracking, hacking, or anything that is even remotely illegal regarding software.


oh and if you are looking for cheap software, check www.amazon.com they usually have people selling stuff on there for really really cheap prices…