Systray has gone lazy

I recently got into some problems with my mobo, and I re-installed windows XP pro without formating… Even though the new install would be on a new mobo, totally diferent than the previous one!
Started tweaking everything, and got one step too far!
Windows just didn’t work correctly anymore, didn’t even accept my user, only the Administrator thats installed by windows!

[color=DarkOrange]Re-Re-installed windows without formatting the HDD and wen’t all happy with my life! Tweaking season started again. This time I didn’t tweak thing on the registry, but it’s been annoying me something nasty that my systray no longer shows any items on it![/color]

I get the taskbar, the start menu, and the clock! Programs appear normally, but nothing goes into the systray!
I can kill a process, like a p2p and restart and nothing shows up there!
So it’s not a boot processes sorta thing! That has happened to me before, and is not all that annoying!
[color=Sienna]Is there a way to make them be shown? 'Cause they aren’t hidden like XP is so fond of trying to do! I turned that off![/color]