T-Shirt Design Contest

Hey everyone,
Welcome to the forum for the kirupa.com T-Shirt Design Contest. Here is where you will get a chance to submit your own entry, view other entries, and talk about other entries if you want to.

[list][*]For more information about the contest, rules, etc. visit the following URL: http://www.kirupa.com/contest/tshirt/index.htm

[*]When submitting your entry as a new thread, be sure to include your forum name in the TITLE of your thread. You are all creative people! Try to come up with imaginative titles besides “My entry” :slight_smile:

[*]The reason I want all the entries to be on the cafepress site is that, if I were to be interested in purchasing your t-shirt, I should be able to. Think of this as a larger graphic battle with a real-world application!

[*]Just to clarify, your cafepress T-Shirt is nothing more than a really big graphic(s) that you upload from your computer to your T-Shirt design. You don’t actually design the T-Shirt on the cafepress site.[/list]

Besides that have fun and check this thread periodically for any updates, etc. that may occur. The contest will run from 5 November 2003 through 5 January 2004.

Good luck!
Kirupa :wink:

Could we use this for our basic T-Shirt layout?

[ Click colours and then enlarge ].

  • Sunny:ch:

Sorry no - you have to use the layouts and design them on the cafepress web site.

Oh sorry, I didn’t see that link you posted.

No problem - I’ll make the link a little bit more visible :slight_smile:


be sure to include your name in the TITLE of your thread.
do you mean my real name or my forum nick

sweet idea kirupa, surprised we didnt think of it earlyer. i’m game :smiley:

I missed out for the signature contest. :frowning:

McGiver - forum name is good :slight_smile:

after countless hours of trying to create a “I-went-to-kirupaforums-and-all-I-got-was-this-lousy-t-shirt” - t-shirt in photoshop, Ive given it up, so this idea’s free for anyone else to use… :wink:

haha sef im well gonna use that its well fun lol mines at http://www.cafeshops.com/novatake gonna work on some more i reckon

yeh i have myself a slogan its stolen so i aint sure if ill be able to use it hope so though ive got 2 entries sorted so ill have to sign up to cafepress again

when you register @ CafePress you can enter a
"Referral Store ID" to give credit. anyhin we should enter? dunno, maybe some kirupa store…

btw: does it need to be a t-shirt or can it be a jersey ore something like that too

it has to be a t-shirt for this competition :slight_smile: You all are free to design other things, but they won’t be considered an entry for this contest. But if your other entries are good, after the contest, I can link to them also via the site.

I don’t really know what you want to enter for the referral store. I have a sample store for experimentation at http://www.cafepress.com/kirupa that you can use as a referrer if you want, but if you have other friends or acquaintances you want to support, feel free to refer them instead.

from the rules: “1. The designer submits his/her animation…”

maybe change last word into T-shirt or picture… :wink:

I’ll make one.




ah thanks! I am so not used to mentioning the words “images” :smiley:

Hey, Kirupa,
My thread, the one that’s “Trying not to be noobish” should probably have the title of my t-shirt entry… sorry 'bout that… just letting you know.

Some stuff you should probably consider when creating a shirt:

Is the font too small? Will people be able to read it from a reasonable distance on the actual shirt?

Would anybody actually want to wear this shirt?

Is it wearable by both sexes?

Is the graphic something that looks good on a shirt, or does it appear out of place on a t-shirt?

Just some things I thought might help.

I can’t find any rule stating that you should put your design on a baggy, white T-Shirt (and thus rendering it never-wearable) or is that a cafepress limitation :?

I suggest all participants to use the “fitted shirt” instead of the “white t-shirt.” I ordered a “white t-shirt” once and it was a cheap Hanes undershirt. The “fitted shirt” should be one that is wearable in public…