TabIndex/TabOrdering applied to movieclips?

Hey guys, great forum - great site - very informative.

Essentially I have created a dynamic menu system with xml (read the nodes, attach movieclip, apply label etc). I am fairly (try extremely) novice at AS.

I want to be able to add tabOrdering functionality (like this tutorial but with these buttons created via the attachmovieclip loop as it reads the xml.

I tried using the new instance name given to each button, but I suspect it does not work because it is technically not a button. However it works with form elements so I am hoping I have just stuffed it up.

The main portion of the code which renders the buttons is as follows:

for (var i=0; i<items.length; i++) {
var buttons = items*;
var button_mc = bclip_mc.attachMovie("button_item","item"+item_count, item_count); 
button_mc._y = item_count * item_spacing; 
button_mc.label.text = buttons

I tried making the tabindex work with the item+item_count (ie: item1, item2) through the loop but no joy.

Thanks for any help.