Taking on an intro

Hiya guys!

I was thinking, when taking on an intro for ones site, what approach is the easiest?

If I were to make an intro, I’d go with one MC per layer in the main scene, then use a s***load of framelabels and telltargets. So one MC starts out, when it reaches a certain frame#, it triggers another MC… and so forth…

First things first, if you’re using MX then you won’t need tellTargets() - they don’t exist anymore. Thankfully all you need is the dot syntax - _root.moviename.action() for example. Much easier. :slight_smile:

But yeah, the way I personally build stuff like that is to do it from the bottom and work my way up. Create all the little graphic bits and pieces first, then slot them together to make smaller movie clips. Put them in turn into larger sections, then put them all into the whole. Each one triggers other clips when they reach a certain point.

Like you were suggesting, really. I don’t know why I didn’t just say that in the first place…

okey… nice…

but tell me more about those _root.mc.action(); thingies…

Right. Say you have a movieclip called <I>bob</I>. This clip sits inside another movie called <I>intro</I>.

You place an instance of <I>intro</I> onto your main timeline, and name it (originally) <I>intro</I>.

But say you want to target the <I>bob</I> movie that sits inside <I>intro</I>, and tell it to play.

You use the syntax <I>_root.intro.bob. </I>to select that particular movie clip. This can go on for as many nested movie clips as you like. So to target something within <I>bob</I> you just add another dot and then the clip name. Get me?

So once you’ve given the path of the clip, you just add the action you want hat clip to perform, such as <I>goToAndPlay()</I>. Giving a final line of code that looks like:


These commands can be put in button events, such as <I>onPress()</I> as well.


Nice footer.


Should be gotoAndPlay.

(voice in Kitiara’s head)Stop butting into my posts!(/voice)

Flex: Thanks! :slight_smile:

Kitiara: Yeah I know about the dot syntax… just didn’t know u could put actions into the syntax in that way…

thanks for the tip! =)

Now I just gotta get telltarget outta my head… argh… I’ve used it so much it’s become a bad habit i think… lol

AlriGht, sUe me, I Love puTting cApiTal Letters iN whEre thEy areN’T needEd…

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