Target loading!

Hey, I’m trying to load a movie into my main.swf, the below code works, BUT:

container._x = 187;
container._y = 311;[/COLOR]

[1] The buttons in the loaded movie (eq.swf) don’t work?
[2] eq.swf is set to run at 120 fps, but my main movie pulls it down at 45 fps!?

What is the code on your buttons?

And the loaded movie’s fps becomes the master movie’s fps when it is loaded.

pom :asian:

hrmmm yeah…something that may make your movie not work is using _root for the buttons…you should use something like _parent which will look for it inside the movie clip which ur movie is loaded into :slight_smile:


but is there a way to get the loaded movie to run at 120 fps, while the main movie goes 45 fps?

no, i dont think so…the loaded movie inherits the main movies fps…so ur sorta stuck on that one…why do u use such high fps? i hardly ever go past 40… :slight_smile:

well, i’m making an equalizer, and it needs to run at 120 fps, or else it looks dumb!

You can use setInterval. Use the search feature, there was a thread about this with a component recently.

pom :asian:

does the equalizer go with the music and stuff like that? cause it would be good to know how to do that…:slight_smile:

YEAH, that would be VERY good, but no, it’s just a stand-alone equalizer! :frowning:

There was a post long ago about how to do that. You’d need a software to analyze the sound first (I think it was called marmelade) and then you can do a real equalizer. Let me look a bit around…

The site

pom :asian:

wow thats cool…the balloons talking is a bit lame though…hehe i’ll have to look into this more :slight_smile: