Targeting external browser window from flash

i’m trying to get a form to return in a sized window from flash.

i can use target="_blank" and get the form data in a new window, but then i can’t size it or close it without a warning window.

i can open a sized, named window using javascript, but then flash refuses to target it. any actions targeting it don’t work.

any ideas?

That’s normal, if you create the window using js open.window, that means the window/ page has no real existence, no url to point Flash to. As I understand, you don’t have a html-page you’re opening, but use the call and writte possibilities of js to create it. Don’t know how you can solve this…I don’t quite understand the size pb, you can size it or you can’t? Of course you can, using kirupa’s open window method (it’s in the tutorials)…

using you can specify a name for the window. then in subsequent actions targeting that name will make whatever you’re doing happen in the said window.

this works great with straight html/javascript but like i said before, it’s a no go from flash.

“kirupa’s” open window method ; ) is what i’m using. i can size it but i can’t target it.