Targeting the right timeline

ok, I have a movie clip. This mc contains a dynamic text box which reads it’s info in from a .txt file. My problem is is does not work.

If I put the dynamic text box right on the main timeline it read the .txt file right in w/ no problem. If I next the dynamic text box in a movie clip it stops talking to the .txt.

Obviously It’s a targeting issue.

I’ve tried loading the variables on both the main timeline & on the Mc’s timeline & neither works.

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I should have put in 5 more minutes of thinking before posting this one. All I had to do was give the mc on the main timeline a instance name & then load it it:
loadVariablesNum (“textfile.txt”, “Instance Name”);

& she worked perfect.
Sorry about the wasted post


Another way of doing it would be to have the variable in the dynamic text box call to the _root for it’s information, and then to load the variables into the main timeline.

It’s a little tricky… glad you got it worked out.

Thank you very much.
There’s a real cool group of people in these forums.
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