Teaching Flash to 15 year olds


I’m a secondary school ICT Teacher (Trainee).

I have to teach 30 classes of Flash, with an assessment of capabilities at the end. The final project has to be a small animation between 15-30 seconds in length.

I’ve decided to teach 20 classes on ‘How to use Flash’, and the last 10 on plan, and implementation of creating the animation.

But I’ve realised that there are no teaching resources for Flash at this age group. No worksheets or guides.
Before you say it, video tutorials are useless, the children don’t watch them - we had already tried that approach with a tester class and it failed.
Large text books with 1000+ pages are just as useless.

So I need paper based worksheets for the children to work through. Each class needs to create something at the end, so they know what they are working towards.

Anybody got anything they can help me with?

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P.S: Were working with Flash 8 Professional.