Technology - making my life easier?

Hello! :ub:

I wonder how efficient technology really is. I understand that there is a good need for some technological developments, but I’d say that about 75% of them are not making anyone’s life easier. There are a lot of examples… I’ll first bring up Pocket PCs. My dad just bought one, but I’m starting to think they aren’t all as they seem to be. The main uses for these devices seem to be calendar, contacts, internet, and note taking. Really I think these devices (and a lot of other technological duhickies) are pretty stupid. They cost over 100 dollars and on top of that one must buy a lot of accesories (battery, charger, wiring) to make it an efficient tool. Instead I could just go to the basics of an agenda notebook (probably around $10-20 for a good one that will last years) and a few pencis ($5). Not only cheaper, but how simple is paper and pencil? Now with a PDA there is the trouble of expense, along with learning how to use it, when it will become obsolete, and troubleshooting/viruses and such (I also can’t drop a PDA on the ground as much as a notebook without it turning into mesh!).

I don’t want this to take too long so I’ll try to sum this up. I think a lot of new “technological” devices look cool, but few of them can actually be called technological. I agree with Thoreau when he says to just stick to the basics once in a while.